Think creatively. Help Montana celebrate!

Montana Open Land Photos

Montana Open Land Month welcomes all forms of celebration: small gatherings, music festivals, outings, barbecues, plein air workshops, special events, social media or blog posts, art shows – you name it! There are infinite ways to celebrate our open land heritage and outdoor lifestyle. We encourage organizations, businesses, outdoor groups, camps, chambers of commerce, economic sectors, public agencies, local governments and others from across Montana to celebrate Open Land Month. To discuss an idea, contact us. Montana Open Land Month event best practices:

  • Actively celebrate the value and importance of open land.
  • Give a shout-out to open land and Montana Open Land Month during spoken programming.
  • Share information about Montana Open Land Month in written materials.
  • Link to Montana Open Land Month website in online communications.
  • Have fun!

When possible, we encourage our partners and events to:

  • Bring together people of different backgrounds and ages.
  • Share photos, blogs and posts using the hashtag #openlandmt.
  • Raise funds for open land conservation.

Create your own celebration

  • Your Idea – what do you love to do? Where do you love to spend time? Build an event around an idea you have, an activity you love. Invite people you want to meet, people you want to encourage to get outside, people you want to be with!
  • Fourth of July – looking for a theme for this year’s parade float? Celebrate Montana’s outdoor heritage, add the Montana Open Land Month logo to your float and flier/handouts.
  • Storytelling – work with neighbors and a local business – teahouse, bookstore, tavern, you name it – to host an evening of tales (tall and otherwise!) about a special outdoor place in your area.
  • Bike or Trail Race – give a shout-out to Montana Open Land Month during your welcoming remarks and awards ceremony.
  • Summer Camp Project – have youth in your camp write a song, an essay, a play (you name it!) that celebrates what they love about Montana’s great outdoors.
  • Guided Outing – work with a lodge or hotel to organize outings for their guests, so visitors can feel/taste/appreciate and participate directly in celebrating Montana Open Land Month. Take it a step further, and invite donations to Weddings for Open Land – help protect Montana’s open land for future generations.
  • Outdoor Concert – be it an old-time jam or big-time band, get outside and enjoy the music!
  • Cattle-drive – “brand it”: do more than move your cattle, brand this year’s work-party as a celebration of the open land that supports our ranching industry!
  • Art and Open Land – be it kids or professionals, make your plein air painting session – or gallery show – or art class – double as a celebration of Montana Open Land Month!

Montana Open Land Photos