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Montana Open Land Month was established to help Montanans and visitors celebrate what makes Montana so incredibly special: our outdoor heritage. This page features news, opinion and creative writing – thanks to all who have shared your work!



    We are honored to share the creativity and passion of others – delighted to share the best writing that celebrates Montana Open Land Month. Poems, short stories, essays, trail tales – you name it! We welcome your voice.

    • Open Land: Healing and Creating Community” Beautiful blog piece written 7/2016 by Janine Mariani, AmeriCorps member at HAVEN, domestic violence shelter and organization.
    • Open Land Reading List” Books for kids, adults & families to help you explore Montana. Librarians, avid readers and the Montana State Library helped us create this suggested reading list for libraries across Montana.
    • Open Land is In Our Blood
      This powerful opinion piece was written by Ron Marcoux and his granddaughter Bromley Maharg.
    • Good Night Big Sky
      Written by 2015 Big Sky Watershed Corp member Katherine Boyk, this delightful children’s tale is a fun, home-grown take-off on the beloved children’s book “Good Night Moon.”
    • 25 Reasons Why Montana’s Open Space is Better Than Outer Space
      Written by 2015 Big Sky Watershed Corp member Katherine Boyk, this piece was originally published on

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